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Our expert linguists produce natural, flawless translations that will make your game appeal to millions of Spanish-speaking gamers.

Video game localization entails much more than just translating a product into other languages. In this complex process, there are different factors that must be taken into account at all times, such as the linguistic-cultural factor and the identity. Players of the localized version should feel that the video game was designed exclusively for them; in other words, the gameplay experience has to be the same as the one in the original language version. A localized video game will bring satisfaction and will create expectation in the target audience, all of which guarantees its success.

Our creativity and many years of experience in the gaming industry are our best weapons in the battlefield! You can count on our combination of language savviness and gamer background to bring your product to life in Latin American Spanish.

We localize all kinds of games, from AAA action-adventure RPGs to indie puzzles and platformers, for PC, consoles and mobile devices.

We work with the following components:

On-screen text

UI, narratives, dialogues.

Audio and cinematics

Scripts for dubbing, subtitles, songs.

Complementary material

Manuals, books, game guides, packaging, marketing, patch notes.


Newsletters, blog posts, articles about the game and the developers.

Why Latin American Spanish

The Latin American video game market is growing fast and it is expected to reach a USD 6.29 Bn revenue by 2023. Spanish-speaking countries in Latin America represent 2.5% of the revenue generated by the video game industry worldwide.
By localizing your games into Latin American Spanish, you can reach a market of more than 120 million gamers.

Why Firefly Localization

At Firefly, you will find a fresh group of talented and dedicated linguists with wide experience and know-how that will help you reach millions of gamers and increase your opportunities in the ever-expanding Latin American video games market.

✓ We are locals, we know and live the Latin American experience every day.
✓ We are a single-language studio, and we are proud of it! We decide to concentrate only on our native language.
✓ You receive a final, polished, top-quality product.

our experience

We would love to tell you all about our amazing adventures with swords, monsters, and dwarves… We have forged solid partnerships in all these years, and we are very proud of them. However, some of our clients prefer to keep their projects and names confidential and, when that is the case, we respect and honor their decision.

But there is still a silver lining. Check below, and you will have a good idea of our background.


our team



Magdalena Hormazábal


We are a group of skilled and seasoned linguists with over 10 years of experience in the video game localization sector. Our team was born after working together in several projects as freelancers, as we realized that combining knowledge and expertise would give us the possibility of delivering better quality and larger volumes to our clients in the Latin American market. We work with the mind but also with a big sentiment; we put our hearts in all we do, and that makes the difference.

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